The current King ruling the Danceworld. He once teamed up with Owl and together formed a dance team. His dance is said to be just as brilliant as it is powerful, leaving the stage filled with a vortex of enthusiasm and spirit.

Dance King Yaharta
Kanji Yaharta (ヤハータ Yahāta)
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation King of Danceworld
Alias Dance King (ダンス王 dansu ō)
Voice Actors



Yaharta's general appearance is that of the fashion of a noble king. He has long red hair that is accompanied by twin-tail beard and mustache and deep blue eyes. He is covered from head to toe in long drapery carefully decorated in blues, reds, and yellows, and it sports a kingly insignia that has the letter "D" front and center. He is covered in a long dark red cape with white fluff at its ends and is decorated with golden accessories from his feet, shoulders, chest, and crown.


Yaharta is a very honest and heartwarming king who lives to dance and spread its wondrous teachings to his people. In his younger years, he was very enthusiastic and rambunctious. He loved to dance at any opportunity and always did so with flare. After attaining the thrown as king, Yahart's personality seemed to simmer down as he had new responsibilities to rule his subjects. Of course, this was only an outwardly facade as Yaharta maintains burning passion and vigor to dance. He loves to put on a show for his fellow people and inspire them with his enthusiastic and bombastic style of dance. He aims to touch the souls and hearts of all those around him and strengthen their hope with the power of dance.



Yaharta makes his first appearance in the first official episode of Brave Beats. From there, not much is revealed, let alone known about him. He would later show up momentarily in a flash back scene envisioned by Choreo, as a much younger individual. This is when his name is finally spoken and is later revealed that he was indeed the one to become the current King of Dance.