Bureikin is the deuteragonist and partner, alongside Adeline, to Hibiki of the Brave Beats series. He fuses with Hibiki to battle and collect Dance Stones in hopes of challenging the Dance King to the right of his throne.



Breakin Danceworld Era

Kanji ブレイキン Bureikin
Gender male
Age unknown
Partner Hibiki Kazaguruma
Occupation Dancerian/Hibiki's assistant
Voice Actors
Japanese Tooru Sakurai



True Form

In his true form, Breakin is much taller and appears much more muscular. Despite the fact that he appears completely metallic, he has very human-like features. His apparel strongly resembles that of the armor that Flash Beat wears, albeit the white vest. His two most iconic features on him are his green, dome-top head and black and yellow scarf.

Small Form

When he lost all of his Dance Stones, his form changed drastically. He is much smaller and almost toy-like but retains most of his key appearance. His two most iconic features remain: his green, dome-top head and black and yellow scarf.


Breakin has a very cool and firm demeanor. He is very level headed and straight forward which can sometimes come off as him being blunt or insensitive. However, this quickly changes whenever any situation involves dance. He is very proud of his abilities and is devoted to improving them daily. He believes hard work and constant training is the best way to improve one's dancing abilities: And is probably the reason why he harps so harshly on Hibiki's constant slacking.

His cool facade can be shattered quite easily due to his inexperience with Earth. He can be rather harsh, but seems to be able to respect others' opinions, even if he strongly disagrees. Nevertheless, Breakin is a very proud dancer and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals when it come right down to it.


Breakin first appears when he challenges the Dance King to a showdown. However, the King says his dance is all technique and nothing else, so he scatters his Dance Stones across Japan and sets a weakened Breakin to gather them all again.




"Step on!" -when he begins dancing in episode 1's intro, and the phrase to activate the transformation into Flash Beat