The quiet classmate of Kotone, Akemi spends her time collecting pebbles and keeping to herself. Though she is quite negative, she wishes that she can someday be as bright and happy as Kotone.

Akemi Hoshino
Kanji 星野 明美
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Akemi is a fair skin young girl with long, dark brown hair and blue eyes. She dons a long indigo dress with a long sleeve blouse underneath and a red ribbon tied around her neck. She wears long black stockings and a pair of brown shoes.


Akemi is a quiet young girl who likes to spend her time alone. She does not socialize with others and gives off a very ghostly -like presence when around. This sometimes makes it seem as though she is not really there when she is and thus she receded into herself; Closing off any outside connection with other people.

Akemi likes to collect small pebbles and rock, claiming that she feels a sort of connection with them. They are something people normally pay no mind to and she feels exactly the same. Sometime her mood becomes so depressing that she wishes to fade away completely, believing it to be the best thing sine no one would ever notice her disappearance.

However, Akemi appears so drab and anti-social, she actually longs to be happy. She looks up to fellow classmate Kotone Amamiya as a sort of role model help open herself open up to friends that truly care about her. Her goal is to one day become as cheerful and happy as Kotone so that she does not fade away and be forgotten.